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Date: Mon, 20 Nov 1995 22:55:59 +0000
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Paul wrote...
>My sole and strong recommendation for eczema, especially in the newborn, is traditional homeopathic therapy, as soon as practical. I STRONGLY recommend against all herbal regimes for such inherited illnesses. What you should seek out is CURE, not symptom management. Herbs cannot cure this condition, so avoid them, or at least, avoid any strong therapies (like purgatives such as aloe vera, fasting, or golden seal).


It is possible that the problem with fruit is congenital, ie arises from conditions during the pregnancy, rather than genetic, ie arising from an inherited intolerance. Excesses of foods eaten during pregnancy can result in intolerence in the new born baby. Such intolerance could be cured, in time.

Genetic food intolerance or allergy can only be dealt with by restriction or avoidance.

The obvious, and only, 'treatment' for any food intolerance in new born babies is to avoid that food for the first 9 months or more. It could then be gradually introduced, with herbal support.

Care must be taken when manipulating diets in small children and pregnant women in order to avoid malnutrion. I won't comment on the case under discussion, since I don't know all the details but my general advice is that pregnant women should follow their own feelings when choosing a diet and not listen to well meaning advice from friends and family.

I am ill qualified to comment on homeopathy but there are herbal support regimes for excema in children which can be very helpful and which could lead to a 'cure' if followed for long enough. Treating new born babies via their mother's milk with guidance is generally quite safe and should not be rejected out of hand. As Paul notes the herbs chosen should only be of the most gentle kind.

Also, I assume that he is not including herbal creams and baths in his advice. These can be very helpful as part of a treatment strategy even one based on homeopathy.

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