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What's a nice burdock like you doing in a place like this?

Going for a walk in the countryside last week, I found this:

Photo: Arctium tomentosum 11. Pic: Burdock invasion.

That's the most common of our burdocks (woolly burdock, Arctium tomentosum). Me, I sniggered in disbelief, and will spread the tale far and wide: the burdock is making its move, watch out!

I'll have to check if it's self-seeded in the same spot, come summer. If so, that's one burdock I won't dig up: this one has earned its spot in the shade.

... and yes, we did still have snow in shady spots last week. And there's still snow in the very shady spots. It's early spring up here, with the only flowering things being alders, hazelnuts, willows (in full flower now, pic tomorrow!), tussilagos, and crocuses and that ilk.