Bioregionalism / 2004

Date: Fri, 25 Nov 1994 00:35:16 GMT
Sender: Medicinal and Aromatic Plants discussion list
From: Christopher Hedley
Subject: Bioregionalism..

More medicine from fewer plants.

I read Michael and Peggie's mailings re bioregionalism with great pleasure, even as someone whose bioregion is central London.

I have suggested that the herb schools' final examination should include standing on their local common and treating all passers by with whatever they can find within reach. No one has taken me seriously..yet. There is NO substitute for watching, handling and talking to the plants in person. THEY are our teachers. They are our support and our strength.

This takes me back to the earlier discussion on What is Herbalism. If it includes the study of our local flora, it also includes, for practitioners, the study of our local medical system. We should have as much facility with the orthodox paradigm as we have with our plants. I would like to see herbalists as experts in their local systems, ecological and social. Only then can they be truely a resource for the world.

Best wishes to all Christopher.