Myelitis / 1995


Date: Tue, 8 Aug 1995 23:35:08 +0000
From: christopher hedley
Subject: Myelitis


> A friend of mine has been diagnosed with transverse myelitis in the spine (an autoimmune disease degenerating the myelin coating around the nerves, somewhat similar to multiple sclerosis) and has paralysis in the legs.

Acute transverse myelitis might be associated with a viral infection or with vasculitis, ie. inflammation of blood vessels. I haven't treated this disease but the similarity to MS suggests that Gingko, Gingko biloba, and St John's wort, Hypericum perforatum, might well be of help. There are some good quality, Gingko tablets available on the market - follow the dosage suggestions on the packet. Buy St John's wort tincture that is a good red colour, made from the fresh herb- try 15 drops three times a day at first, increasing to 40 or 50 drops over 6 weeks. St John's wort takes a couple of weeks to 'kick in'.

The possibility of a virus being the underlying cause indicates Echinacea tincture, 20 drops three times daily, is about right. Echinacea would also be helpful in auto-immune disease, so it is well worth adding it to the treatment.

At any rate it is worth approaching a local member of the American Herbalists Guild.

Good luck, Christopher