Herb stories / 2007

From: non and chris
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2007 20:46:44 +0100
To: Herbal Hall
Subject: [Herbalhall] Stories

Dear all,

the way I see it....

all herbs have a story
there are many aspects to that story
many people add to it
everyone who uses, grows, prepares or picks the herb adds to it.
even Simon Mills
even traditional people
our ancestors sang the songs which make up the hearts of these stories
traditional people still do

the story of every herb changes, grows, contracts, expands, deepens.....
as people interact with that herb.
even you and me

the interaction becomes the story
the story becomes the interaction

as far as healing with herbs goes... ... the story IS the healing.

There exists a class of people whose lives constantly add to these stories
let's call these people herbalists.

each time they use, interact, listen to, grow with, pass on the knowledge of.....
... they retell the story
bending that story; shaping it, directing it, colouring it, developing it.

the story IS the healing the shape, direction, colour, development of the story
are the directions of the healing

the Eclectics were the prime example of this. They uncovered versions of plant stories and told them to each other, thus they assembled overarching stories which are still told and which are still used in healing.

good stories reflect universal patterns. Universal patterns make themselves known to us and express themselves through us in our interactions with the plants.
good stories never die. They go out to the spirit. If we listen carefully we can hear them told back to us.

with love to all, Christopher