Photo use rates.

Commercial website use

Small photo: 640 pixels long side, 72 dpi / large photo: 3000+ pixels long side, 72 dpi.

If you wish to use more than 50 photos, make me an offer.

Print use

Small size: less than ½ page in a book, brochure or magazine. Less than ¼ page in a newspaper.
Large size: more than ½ page in a book, brochure or magazine. More than ¼ page in a newspaper.

If you wish to use more than 50 photos, make me an offer.

Other use

Make me an offer.


I'll need:

  • The photo name(s) ("Vaccinium myrtillus 12")
  • Your name
  • Your company name and full address - or, if you have no company, your full address.
  • Your EU VAT number, if you're in the EU.

You'll get:

The non-exclusive single use right(s) for the chosen photo(s), for the stated purpose - single book, newspaper article, product brochure, etc.

For print uses, some of the photos are available as slides or negatives (you pay the courier both ways); almost all of them are available as 6 kilopixel .jpgs.


I just sent an email about using your books in my herb class here in Mexico. I mentioned that I teach classes for the Human Path. I would like to use some of your photos in my classes. No, I do not have a list, but could come up with one. I cover usually about 40-80 herbs in each of my courses. I would like to promote you, your website and your books in my classes. Although I would love to use at least one of your pictures on each herb I cover, I do not have the finances to pay you for photos.
What I would like to do is as I cover each herb be able to link to your photos for each of my classes. In that way, they learn more about you and your resources AND they get quality photos for each plant we cover. Please let me know if this is acceptable to you. In addition, I am going thru each of my courses and MAKING sure I do not have any of your photos in any of my webinars. I mostly use my own pictures, but I recently noticed an herb pic that I got off another site (somewhere) with no copyright...but I am pretty sure it is your pic. So I am going through all my pictures - rechecking with your pics to make sure I am copyright least with your photos. It is quite a maze to negotiate when trying to get good pictures off the internet. Eventually, I will have a complete library of my own, although I will never have one the extent of yours. Thank you so very much for doing this -- AN INCREDIBLE RESOURCE FOR EVERYONE!!!

Katia LeMone

:-) Answered by email.

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