Gout / 1994


To: herblist <HERB.V.EGE.EDU.TR
Date: Sun, 7 Aug 1994 23:03:59 BST
From: Christopher Hedley <christopher.GN.APC.ORG>
Subject: GOUT

> What are some herbs that are helpful in both curing and controlling gout? I am currently using allopurinol, which has cut down on the attacks, but would rather use an herb instead. Thanks.

Herbs for Gout

Most aromatic Umbellifers inc. Celery seed, Fennel and Ground Elder (Aegopdium podagaria) which is a pernicious weed in Europe.....one nice thing about herbal medicine is that all your weeds are immediatly turned into useful allies. ...these clear the toxin from the system.

Use arthritis herbs as well. My favourite is Willow bark. ....this calms inflammation.

Use local measures as well. Cabbage leaf, beaten and wrapped around the joint is unbeatable.

....and, no matter what your GP might say, diet is Very important. Any medical diet book will give details...basically low protein and lots of vegetables.

this does work....Christopher Hedley MNIMH.