Violets / 1995

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Date: Tue, 25 Jul 1995 20:58:43 +1000
From: christopher hedley
Subject: Violets, was fad herb.

I agree.... Violets are an excellent choice for a new fad herb.

Let me add a piece to the growing mythology.... which is all the better for being true,

Violets, of course, have an ancient reputation in the treatment of tumours, both internally and as a compress.

A collegue of mine has made himself quite a reputation treating Sarcoidosis. This is a connective tissue disease which damages, mainly, the lungs and kidneys. It is quite common here, in the UK, in the West Indian community.

The presenting symptoms are often lumps - swollen lymph glands, painful red lumps on the shins and various nodules in the connective tissue. Such symptoms should of course be checked to exclude malignancy or stubborn infections such as TB. He finds that adding a little Violet, Viola odorata, tincture to the medicine can often make all the difference. This disease is NOT one for home treatment, but Violets can be used in conjunction with other therapies, when they can only be benificial ... which brings us to the biggest danger that arises from using fad herbs, even those of a very mild nature, vis. that people may take them instead of getting 'proper' treatment.

How do we make sure that this proviso is added to the story ?
Any thoughts ?

Christopher Hedley MNIMH

An extra bit...the Grete Herbal says that Violets are good against; fevers, hot headaches, hot abcesses in their begining and 'chaffings of the liver'. It adds that medicines should be made from the fresh herb, or flowers.