Herbal collecting cards: Practical Herb Cards.

Booklet: Practical herb cards. Henriette has made exquisite herbal collecting cards. They arrived on 24Nov2017.

The book "Practical Herb Cards" contains 52 cardboard herbal collecting cards plus 116 pages with text and photos about the herbs featured on the cards. Also included is a cardboard box to be cut out and glued together, and a few other odds and ends.

The cards feature condensed information about the use of various herbs. The reverse of the card shows just a photo: you can use these cards as learning aids, trying to remember name, latin name and/or uses of the herb pictured.

The book's ISBN is 978-952-68828-2-6.

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A few short-short reviews:

  • "We like your cards, very Henriette - neat, good looking and to the point. " -- Christopher Hedley and Non Shaw.
  • "damn girl, they are really a lovely wedding of art and practical magic, in service of the restoration and reinvention of our medicine tradition. bravo." -- Donna Chesner.
  • "Henriette Kress has reduced the complex world of herbalism down to basic herbs, principles, and indications. The student and beginner will find these beautiful cards helpful both for study and use. The gardener will know what to plant. Properties are described mostly in terms of the simple tastes of the herbs, which correspond to the pharmacology and the uses. This approach represents the mainstream of modern herbalism and is fully accessible to every level of expertise. A few helpful energetic indications are scattered through deck. With the internet full of all sorts of nonsense, doubtful information, and over-reactive 'contraindications' and dangers, this deck restores to us the pleasure, beauty, and fun of safe, simple herbalism. This is the herbalism I remember as a young person many years ago. The cards convey herbal happiness. I so appreciate this basic HEALTHY, WISE, BEAUTIFUL, SIMPLE approach. 'If you are in need of a hug,' to quote the chamomile card, drink chamomile tea, settle in to a comfy chair for a good read and enjoy." -- Matthew Wood.
  • "It's fabulous, everyone should have a copy." -- Debs Cook.

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My first book in English, "Practical Herbs", is a wonderful book about medicinal plants and their uses.

My second book in English, "Practical Herbs 2", is a wonderful book about a different set of medicinal herbs and their uses.

The book Practical Herb Cards contains removable herbal collecting cards, bound into a book with more information on the cards' themes. The book also contains a cut-and-glue cardboard box.

Practical Herb Cards 2 is a second set of herbal collecting cards, complete with a do-it-yourself (cut and glue) cardboard box.

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You'll find a print-quality version of the cover here.

Both collecting cards are available in Finnish (Käytännön yrttikortit) and Swedish (Praktiska örtkort).
The second herbal collecting card set is also available in Finnish (Käytännön yrttikortit 2

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