Practical Herbs 2: as wonderful as Practical Herbs.

Book: Practical Herbs 2. Henriette's second herb book in English, "Practical Herbs 2" was released on November 28, 2013. It's every bit as good as "Practical Herbs".

It's 164 full-color pages with 160+ photos.
Hardcopy (softcover, bound): ISBN 978-952-68025-0-3, new edition 2018: ISBN 978-1911597582.

The Practical Herbs 2 sample gives you the table of contents, green powder, hemorrhoids (with pic!), migraine, and lemon balm. And the front and back covers.

New publisher!

March 9, 2018 - News! News! Aeon Books picked up the rights to Practical Herbs and Practical Herbs 2.

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My first book in English, "Practical Herbs", is a wonderful book about medicinal plants and their uses.

My second book in English, "Practical Herbs 2", is a wonderful book about a different set of medicinal herbs and their uses.

The book Practical Herb Cards contains removable herbal collecting cards, bound into a book with more information on the cards' themes. The book also contains a cut-and-glue cardboard box.

Practical Herb Cards 2 is a second set of herbal collecting cards, complete with a do-it-yourself (cut and glue) cardboard box.

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My books and cards+booklets / Kirjoja, vihkoja ja kortteja / Böcker, häften och kort

Book: Practical herbs. Book: Practical herbs 2. Collecting cards and book: Practical herb cards. Collecting cards: Practical herb cards 2. Practical Herbs in Japanese Kirja: Käytännön lääkekasvit. Kirja: Käytännön lääkekasvit 2. Kirja: Hauskaa kasveilla. Keräilykortteja ja kirja: Käytännön yrttikortit. Keräilykortteja: Käytännön yrttikortit 2. Kirja: Villejä vihanneksia. Bok: Praktiska läkeörter. Bok: Roligt med växter. Bok: Praktiska örtkort.              Herbal Medicine Distance course, part 1 Kansi: Etäopiskele yrttiterapiaa, osa 1. Pärm: Distanskurs i örtterapi, del 1. Häfte: Vilda Grönsaker