Practical Herbs: a wonderful herb book.

Book: Practical herbs. Henriette's first herb book in English, "Practical Herbs" was released on November 18, 2011. It's a wonderfully practical book on medicinal plants and their various uses.

It's 150 full-color pages with 150 photos.
Hardcopy (softcover, bound): ISBN 978-952-67575-0-6, new edition 2018: ISBN 978-1911597575.

The practical herbs sample gives you the table of contents, herbal teas, willowherb, and bleeding. And the front and back covers.

New publisher!

March 9, 2018 - News! News! Aeon Books picked up the rights to Practical Herbs and Practical Herbs 2.

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Short-short reviews

  • "It is a lovely herb book, the photos are outstanding and the text is really friendly and I love your quirky humour that is reflected in the writing. I laughed out loud when reading about 'Central European fruit brandy', which as you know is unusual for us English." -Jane
  • "Practical Herbs is practical magic. Thank you Henriette, for a labor of love and an accessible and useful contribution to botanical medicine." -Donna
  • "Indeed very beautiful - and I kick myself for only having the pdf." -Maggie
  • "I just received your book, it's wonderful! I love that your warmth, humour and no nonsense practicality are perfectly represented in it. And I love that you have featured some of my favourite herbs that I love to use as well as some others I have yet to try. I look forward to Volume 2!" -Elly
  • "Your book arrived this morning and has kept me enthralled for hours. I've never read a herb book like it before. I've got loads of books about herbs, some very theoretical and others more concerned with how to use herbs, but this is the first one that has obviously been written by someone who has been out there in the rain and mozzies, searching and harvesting the herbs, and then has brought them home and actually tried the different methods of using them. I love the way you share your experiences, and point out the possible pitfalls to save the rest of us from falling in." -Karen
  • "I started to read your book last night... it is terrific. I really like how you included trouble shooting tips and new recipies... I can't wait to try out the chives flower vinegar!" -Megan
  • "Yes I got the pdf, thank you, and then stayed up till 2.30 am devouring every word! I must pass on my thanks for writing it and sharing your knowledge, it's an excellent book." -Mandy
  • "I was expecting quality, but this is fantastic!" -Hilary

But wait, there's more! Short-short reviews, and A review by herbalist Christopher Hedley.

Reviews elsewhere

  • Wild Food Girl, October 27, 2013:
    "Practical Herbs (...) makes for a great herbal textbook—easy to follow, with readable text and color-coded folios for page numbers and section names. The plants are in alphabetical order by common name, and the index is by common name, scientific name, herbal use, and preparation." --Erica.
  • Australian Journal of Herbal Medicine, Dec 1, 2012:
    "This is not a professional text but will appeal to students of herbal medicine and any herbalist feeling nostalgic about what inspired them to practice herbal medicine. Who can resist such gems as tea of beggarticks (Bidens spp) for dry mucous membranes, cinquefoil (Potentilla spp) paste for healthy cuticles or a yummy blackcurrant sugar? There is also an intriguing section on constructing an aromatic rose leaf string of beads. I already have plans to raid my rose garden this summer! " --Liz Hammer
  • Green Prophet, Nov 11, 2012:
    "It’s a well-organized book with plenty of helpful photographs and an index for quick reference. If only for the instructions on making herbal preparations in your own home, it’s worth having. With the author’s lively tone and occasional quirky, humorous comments, it’s also fun to read." --Miriam Kresh
  • Herbaholic's Herbarium, 31 Oct 2012:
    "You know that place you go to after you’ve picked up a good book that gets you reading something that you didn’t know, or you process some information in a new way because of additional facts and you wind up with a new appreciation for a plant or a technique? The brilliant thing about this book is it’s written for real people and written in such a way that when you’ve read a bit you want to have a go, it’s totally user friendly, making it perfect if you’re a beginner to the world of herbs and their myriad uses." -Debs Cook
  • Herbalistes Sans Frontières, Sept 25, 2012:
    "If I had to advise a good book to beginners I would definitely suggest this one, also great for herbal students and grown up herbalists. I am going to try the rose beads, a brilliant idea and once again clearly and logically described with great photos.
    Thanks Henriette for a book that I know won’t just gather dust on the bookshelf." --Cathy Skipper
  • Plant Whatever Brings You Joy, May 21, 2012:
    "I knew immediately that Henriette's book was going to take a special place on my herbal book shelf within minutes of thumbing through. It rings of truth, of serious study, of years of experience, all packaged in the simplest way, but chockfull of excellent information. This book is as appropriate for a beginner as it is for those with years of herbal exploration under their belts." --Kathryn Hall
  • Earthwise Herbal, March 24, 2012:
    "This book is a gem for folk herbalists and medical / master herbalists alike. A superb choice for an introductory herbalism workshop or course, and my only request is that a glossary of terms be added to make this the ideal practical text book. I hope Henriette is planning more volumes ..." --Emma
  • Mad Crow Herbals, March 4, 2012:
    "I finished reading Practical Herbs by Henriette Kress yesterday and then spent the rest of the day marveling at what a great approach it is to teaching herbalism to the beginner as well as inspiring the seasoned herbalist with new insights and approaches." --Michael Blackmore
  • Tales of a Kitchen Herbwife, March 4, 2012:
    "After twenty years of reading herb books, it takes a lot to make me excited when something new is published. Henriette Kress’ first book written in English (she has published others in Finnish and Swedish) makes me want to sing, shout and dance with glee. The title, Practical Herbs, says it all." --Sarah Head
  • Eldrum Musings, Jan 11, 2012:
    "I recently picked up a pdf copy of Henriette Kress’s new herbal book ‘Practical Herbs’, and I have been so impressed with this book that a review just had to happen! Written in a down to earth, approachable and practical way, this book is suitable for all herbalists, from the raw beginner to the more advanced medical herbalist." --Ali English
  • Born in the wrong Century, Nov 21, 2011:
    "Henriette send me a .pdf copy of her new book, Practical Herbs. I thought I would wait until after Thanksgiving to read it and give her a review when I had a bit more spare time but I downloaded it the day she sent it over and once I read the first few pages I couldn’t stop!" --Nichole Joyce

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My first book in English, "Practical Herbs", is a wonderful book about medicinal plants and their uses.

My second book in English, "Practical Herbs 2", is a wonderful book about a different set of medicinal herbs and their uses.

The book Practical Herb Cards contains removable herbal collecting cards, bound into a book with more information on the cards' themes. The book also contains a cut-and-glue cardboard box.

Practical Herb Cards 2 is a second set of herbal collecting cards, complete with a do-it-yourself (cut and glue) cardboard box.

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