Eclectic old texts.

From a post by Jim McDonald on the (now extinct) herbwifery forum:

"For those of you not as privy to 19th century American herbalism, the four predominant medical systems all took out time to bash each other. Cook's Physiomedical Dispensatory's introduction specifically derides the allopaths, the eclectics, and the homeopaths. The physiomedicalists basically believed that the only good found in eclectic herbalism was what they stole out of physiomedicalism (without assigning any credit for).

"The eclectics of course bashed the allopaths, and the homeopaths as well. I haven't come across many references to the eclectics harping about physiomedicalists, but wouldn't be surprised to see them. The homeopaths, of course, thought everyone else was doing it wrong and only they understood that 'like treats like'.

"The allopaths, or regulars, persecuted all the other traditions, and basically decided to adopt the (still popular) lobby the government to ban other modalities approach, and found it very effective."

Old texts in the Eclectic tradition:

This is helpful if you want to read the numbers:

  • "Appendix: II: Tables of Weights and Measures" (the first part), from The Dispensatory of the United States of America, by George B. Wood and Franklin Bache, 1876.

Of the scanned works found here, the following are .html versions of .pdf files found on Michael Moore's site: the Biographies, the Alkaloids, Ellingwood's Materia Medica, Felter, Lloyd's History, Petersen, Sayre, and Thomas. They are used with permission. Thanks Michael!

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