W. B. Scudder, 1885: Treatise on the Eye and Ear.

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A note from Darryl Patton, The Southern Herbalist, who scanned the book and sent the pdf to me:
"Handwritten by John Scudder's son William Byrd Scudder in 1885 when he was 16. WB attended The Eclectic Medical Institute and upon graduation worked with his father, specializing in conditions of the eyes, ears, and throat. His health eventually deteriorated when he contracted "The Great White Plague", known today as Tuberculosis. His life in Eclectic medicine was cut short at the age of 36 in 1905. I don't believe this handwritten book was ever published. It amazing how intelligent he was as a 16 year old. Filled with great information. From an Eclectic genius of his day....."

Here is the pdf and the same as extracted images. Please help proofread this text!

Treatise on the Eye and Ear, 1885, was written by William Byrd Scudder.