Ear - nose - throat

Ear - nose - throat

The reason they're lumped is that they're pretty much one mucous membrane.

Common cold:

See Rhinitis.


also called Otitis media.

Hay fever

Synonyms: Autumnal catarrh; hay asthma; rose cold; periodical rhinitis; rag-weed fever; pollen catarrh.


Acute Catarrhal Laryngitis: Synonyms: Catarrhal laryngitis; acute endolaryngitis; pseudo-croup. Chronic Catarrhal Laryngitis: Synonyms: Chronic endolaryngitis; simple chronic laryngitis; clergyman's sore throat. Spasmodic Laryngitis: Synonyms: Spasmodic croup; false croup; catarrhal croup; laryngismus stridulus.


Synonym: Epistaxis.


Acute Rhinitis. Synonyms: Acute nasal catarrh; acute coryza; cold in the head. Chronic Rhinitis. Synonyms: Catarrh; chronic nasal catarrh; ozaena.

Ear candles / 1995


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Garlic for sore throats.

Botanical name: 

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Capsicum (chili): tincture.

Botanical name: 

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