The American Journal of Pharmacy, 1871.

Scanned version copyright © 2000–2024 Henriette Kress.

Editor: William Procter, Jr. (Jan-Apr), John M. Maisch (May-Dec). Vol. XLIII, 1871.

If you want the full Journal, ask your favorite antiquarian to find it for you. This scanned version includes all articles which mention plant remedies and all articles which tickled me (they sure were naive back then / they sure knew a lot back then / we've sure learnt a lot since then.). I've removed all (well, most) chemical bits.

-- Henriette

January 1871

Note on Opium Culture. - George W. Kennedy.
A Little Side-Talk with the "Freshmen" in Pharmacy. - William Procter, Jr.
On the So-Called Bucharian Rhubarb. - A. Fero.
The Strength of Fluid Extracts. - James W. Mill.
Cucumber Ointment - Luther E. Sale.
The Opium Trade of China. - P. L. Simmonds.
On Aluminium Weights. - T. L. Phipson.
Malt Extracts. - Albert E. Ebert.
A Few Notes on Aloes. - William A. Tilden.
Minutes of the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy. (Things that make you go hmmmm: first they reorganize the Journal, next the Editor says "See you guys.".)
Editorial Department. (review of Scudder's "Specific Medication", Female (gasp) pharmacists in Holland, and similar.)

February 1871

On Emulsion of Almonds. - H. P. Reynolds.
Syrupus Croci. (actually a glycerite, not a syrup.) - Geo. W. Kennedy.
On Quinia, and Some Analogous Substances in Prescriptions as Tonics and Efficacious Antiperiodics. - J. B. R. Purnell.
On a Morphiometric Process for the Pharmacopoeia. - William Procter, Jr.
The Purgative Action of Aloes. - T. and H. Smith.
The Honey Trade of the United States, Domestic and Foreign. - B. F. Stacy.
Remarks on Ricinin. - Richard V. Tuson.
Indigenous Drugs. - C. Lewis Diehl.
On Glycyrrhizin. - Joseph M. Hirsh.
Sumbulus Moschatus.
On Iva (Achillea Moschata.) - A. V. Planta-Reichenau.
Minutes of the Pharmaceutical Meetings (various, and how to calculate alcohol strength)

March 1871.

Compound Syrup of Squills, Syrup of Seneka and Syrup of Ipecacuanha. - J. C. Wharton.
Tincture of Nux Vomica. - J. B. Moore.
Review - J. M. Maisch. (Taschenbuch der Geheimmittellehre)
Glycerin; its Quality as it Exists in Commerce. - Joseph P. Remington.
Notes on Aromatic Sulphuric Acid and Confection of Senna. - John W. Ehrman.
The Presence of Manganese in Beech-Nuts. - J. E. De Vrij.
Physostigma Venenosum.
Ylang-Ylang. - E. Rimmel.
On the Use of Wax, Tallow, Etc., in Suppositories. - Charles L. Eberle. (part 1 of 2)
Semi-Centennial Anniversary of the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy.
Minutes of the Pharmaceutical Meetings (more alcohol calculations, more various)
Editorial Department. (Syrup of seneka, Diverse meetings.) - William Procter, Jr.

April 1871.

On Benzoating Ointments Extemporaneously. - Charles F. Bolton.
The Doctor and the Apothecary. - Wm. L. Turner.
On a Neutral Crystallizable Principle in Black Snake Root—(Cimicifuga Racemosa.) - T. Ellwood Conard.
On the Use of Liquid Caoutchouc as an Addition to Emp. Belladonnae and Other Plasters. - J. Willitts Worthington.
Pharmaceutical Notes. - W. Ranstead Jones. (Tinctura Opii Camphorata., Aromatic Essence of Ginger.)
Gleanings from the German Journals. - John M. Maisch. (Oil of Rue, Cholesterin in Wool Fat, Quiniometry, A remedy for diphtheria, Preparation of Coca, Resin of Tampico Jalap)
Magnificent Fluorescence of Peppermint Oil. - Professor Flückiger.
Castor-Oil Soap.
On the Use of Wax, Tallow, Etc., in Suppositories. (part 2/2) - Charles L. Eberle.
Philadelphia College of Pharmacy. (exam questions)
Minutes of the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy. (John M. Maisch is the new editor.)
Minutes of the Pharmaceutical Meetings.
Editorial Department. - William Procter, Jr.

Editor: John M. Maisch:

May 1871.

On the Preparation of Suppositories. - William G. Ewing.
On Preservation of the Oils of Orange and Lemon. - Carl Fruh.
Uva Ursi. - Julius Jungmann.
Erythrocentaurin in American Centaury. - John F. Huneker.
Gleanings from the German Journals. - John M. Maisch. (Alkaloids in Boraginaceae, Decomposition of Caffeidina, Oil of Geranium, Glycerin in Pills)
Oil of Peppermint as a Local Anaesthetic. - A. Wright.
Morphiometric Assay of Opium. - Theodore Schlosser.
A Case of Poisoning with Gelsemium Sempervirens. - Joseph G. Pinkham.
Transpiration of Aqueous Vapor by the Leaves of Plants. - Professor McNab.
Varieties. (testing olive oil)
Minutes of the Pharmaceutical Meetings (Beef extracts, Analysis of asafoetida)
Editorial Department. - John M. Maisch. (Is vacciniin arbutin?)

June 1871.

On the Seeds of Two Species of Strychnos. - J. M. Maisch.
Glycerole of Lupulin. - Emmet Kannal.
Pharmaceutical Notes. - W. Ranstead Jones. (Tinct. Cinchonae Comp., Antacid soda mint)
On Baptisia Tinctoria. - John A. Weaver.
On the Culture of Hops in the United States. - Emmet Kannal.
The Aesthetics of Labels. - James R. Mercein.
Detection of Turmeric in Powdered Rhubarb and Yellow Mustard. - J. M. Maisch.
Remarks on Two Officinal Fluid Extracts. - X. T. Bates. (Ext. Sarsap. Fluid. Comp., Ext. Buchu Fluidum)
The Crystallization of Camphor. - R. Rother.
Analyses of Secret Remedies, Etc. - Dr. Ehrhardt.
On the Flowers of Aralia Spinosa L., and Hedera Helix L. - Thomas Meehan.
Varieties. (The Camphor Tree of Sumatra (going extinct), Pharmacy in Paris during the Insurrection, Will Snake-Poison Kill a Snake?, Sandal-Wood (going extinct).)
Editorial Department. - John M. Maisch. (Purchase of degrees.)

July 1871.

On Cundurango. - Thomas Antisell.
On Solutions of Alkaloids in Medicated Waters. - John M. Maisch.
Soda Mint. - Henry A. Borell.
Gleanings from the German Journals. - John M. Maisch. (Curcumin, Opium wax, Preventing mould, Inuloid, preserving ergot)
Formulary of Elixirs and Other Preparations of the Newark Pharmaceutical Association.
The Ochro and the Musk Mallow. - John R. Jackson. (Okra)
Solution of Santonine. - John Harley.
Varieties. (Female apothecary, Coffee and Cacao as food (in dogs), Quinine aftertaste, Styptic wool)
Editorial Department. - John M. Maisch. (Elixirs)

August 1871.

Preservation of Tinct. Kino from Gelatinizing. - J. W. Wood.
Gleanings from the German Journals. - John M. Maisch. (The Oil of Grapeseed, An Analysis of a Himalaya Tea, Tinctura Rhei Aquosa, Attar of Rose, Castor Oil)
Ointment Containing Much Water. - John H. Ehlers. (or, add flour to your ointments. I'm not sure I'd do this, with -my- salves - it might mix better, but it'll grow mold just as fast.)
Tincture of Hyoscyamus. - M. Donovan. (or, use older plants.)
Notes on Bird Oils. - P. L. Simmonds. (Amusing, really. And sad, too. Passenger pigeons and penguins clubbered for their oils? Hmmm.)
A New Species of Erythronium. - Asa Gray.
Laboratory Notes. - E. B. Shuttleworth. (What to do with all the myrrh marc that's left after tincturing it, Adulterated lard, Vanilla extract.)
The Medicinal Properties of the Cocoa-Nut. (Not cocoa but coconut.)
Editorial Department. (Elixirs)

September 1871.

On Cotton Seeds. - F. A. Flückiger. (and cotton seed oil.)
On Syrupus Assafoetidae. - John M. Maisch.
Syrupus Assafoetidae Compositus. - J. J. Rambo.
On the Source of the Radix Galangae Minoris of Pharmacologists. - Henry Fletcher Hance.
Clearing Nuts. (Strychnos Potatorum.) - M. C. Cooke.
Varieties. (Gun cotton)
Editorial Department. - John M. Maisch. (Powdered drugs.)

October 1871.

Soap Liniment U. S. P. - J. C. Wharton.
Syrup of Santonate of Soda. - J. Donde.
Historical Notes on the Radix Galangae of Pharmacy. - Daniel Hanbury.
Brief Remarks on the Bark of Rhamnus Frangula, or Black Alder Tree. - H. C. Baildon.
Saponaceous Plants. - P. L. Simmonds.
Sunflower-Seed Oil.
The Preparation of Theine. - Chas. Fredicke.
Varieties. (Sassafras oil, Cinchona plantations)
Editorial department. - John M. Maisch. (Galangal)

November 1871.

On Syrup of Senna. - J. B. Moore.
On the Preparation of Suppositories. - Robert F. Fairthorne.
Tinctura Opii (U.S.P.) - H. Treverton Bond.
Water—Muddy, Clear, Distilled. - H. M. Wilder.
The Active Principle of Polygonum Hydropiper. - C. J. Rademaker.
On an Apparatus for Making Syrup by the Cold Process. - Geo. Macdonald.
Cundurango. - Dan C. Robbins.
Saccharated Tar, or Soluble Vegetable Tar. - M. A. Roussin.
The Collection of Mastic at Chios. - M. J. Leon Souberian.
Extraction of Animal Fats to be used either as Food or for Cosmetic Purposes.
Varieties. (Crystallized Aconitine, Portable Mixtures, Approximate Measurement, Glycerized Cotton)
Minutes of the Pharmaceutical Meetings. (Suppositories, Cundurango)
Editorial department. - John M. Maisch. (Purchase of degrees, Coca, cocoa, cacao, Strychnos potatorum, Cundurango)

December 1871.

On the Fluid Extract of Chestnut Leaves. - John M. Maisch.
Glycerin in Putrid Sore Throat. - J. Dabney Palmer.
Gleanings from the Foreign Journals. - John M. Maisch. (Composition of Crude Cream of Tartar, Purified Honey, Analysis of the Red Whortleberry Vaccinium vitis-idaea, A Compound of Sugar and Chloride of Sodium, Adulteration of Chocolate, Milk preserved for thirteen years by Appert's method)
Nigella Seeds, or Black Cummin. - F. A. Flückiger.
Oil of Andromeda Leschentaultii. - J. Broughton.
Chinese Peppermint Oil. - Prof. Flückiger.
The Purification of Fats and Suets.
On the Adulteration of Food, Principally with a View to its Detection by the Microscope. - Walter Morris.
Solvents for Indigo. - E. Jacobsen.
Editorial Department. - John M. Maisch. (Preparation of Suppositories)
Minutes of the Pharmaceutical Meetings. (Cundurango, Boldo)

The American Journal of Pharmacy, Vol. XLIII, 1871, was edited by William Procter, Jr. (Issues 1-4) and John M. Maisch (Issues 5-12).