The American Journal of Pharmacy, 1884.

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Editor: John M. Maisch - Vol. 56, 1884.

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January 1884

Canella alba - John P. Frey
The Fruit of Opuntia Vulgaris - William W. Light
Luffa Aegyptiaca - Reinhard J. Weber
Vegetable Tallow from Singapore - E. M. Holmes
Contribution to the Pharmacy of the Pomegranate - Louis Siebold
Varieties (Arbutin; the action of Quebracho)

February 1884

Medicated Waters - Joseph W. England
Oleum Betulae Lentae - Geo. W. Kennedy
Varieties (Alum gargles and teeth; mineral waters; milk sugar; salicylage; pilocarpine; Verbascum; Convallaria; wine distillation)
Reviews and Bibliographical Notices (Martindale)

March 1884

Laboratory Contributions from the Course Preparatory to Medicine in the University of Pennsylvania - Prof. J. T. Rothrock
Analysis of the Leaves of Ceanothus Americanus - J. H. M. Clinch
Xanthium Strumarium - Matthew Venable Cheatham
Soap Manufacture and the Soap of Commerce - Alfred Smetham
A "Rennet" Ferment Contained in the Seeds of Withania Coagulans - Sheridan Lea
Some African Kolas, in their Botanical, Chemical and Therapeutical Aspects - E. Heckel, F. Schlagdenhauffen

April 1884

Dispensing by Drops - Albert Henry Kinsey
On the Presence of Pipitzahoic Acid in the Perezias Found in the Territory of the United States, and on the Geographical Distribution of the North American Species of that Genus - Charles Mohr
Pipitzahoic Acid or Vegetable Gold - Thomas Greenish
On Kephir - H. Struve

May 1884

Sorghum Sugar - Oscar Houck
The Alkaloids of Coptis Trifolia - John J. Schultz
Oleum Gaultheriae - Isaac Edward Leonard
Aconite Root - E. R. Squibb
Varieties (Jequirity; turpentine; Convallaria; Varnish)

June 1884

On Malt and Malting - Frank Xavier Moerk
Red Resins Known as Dragon's Blood - J. J. Dobbie, G. G. Henderson
Cascara Amarga—Honduras Bark - F. A. Thompson

July 1884

On Syrup of Tolu - E. Claassen
Baycuru Root - Frederick Augustus Dalpe
Constituents of White Agaric - E. Jahns
Alkaloids of Angustura Bark - Koerner, C. Boehringer
The Essential Oils of Blumea Lacera and Sphaeranthus Indicus - W. Dymock
Olive Oil and its Production

August 1884

Menispermum Canadense - Harry Lee Barber
Note on Kamala - William Kirkby
Waras - W. T. Thiselton Dyek
Note on Tu-Tu (Coriaria Ruscifoliae.) - T. H. Hustwick
India Rubber and Gutta Percha Cultivation in Ceylon

September 1884

Cimicifuga Racemosa - Milton S. Falck
Sanicula Marilandica - Calvin Jerome Houck
Chemical and Pharmacognostical Notes (Euphorbia pilulifera; hazigne; Phaseolus limatus; Croton morifolius; Syzygium jambolanum; Matico-camphor)

October 1884

Lukrabo or Ta-Fung-Tsze - E. M. Holmes (Hydnocarpus)
Researches on the Diseases of Animals - Pasteur etc.
Acceleration of the Oxidation of Drying Oils - A. Livache
Vegetables Used as Food in Japan - O. Kellner

November 1884

The Root of Phytolacca Decandra - Edmond Preston. Jr.
Laboratory Notes (Cantharides; wild cherry water; Spigelia; Phlox; corn silk; syrup of myrrh)
Bark of "Bois Piquant" - E. Heckel, F. Schlagdenhauffen (Zanthoxylum caribaeum)
The Bee-Keeping Industry in America - John L. Dow

December 1884

Syrup of Dentition - W. B. Thompson
Laboratory Notes (Convallaria FE, Verbena, Iris, Teucrium)
Medicinal Plants Used by the Cree Indians, Hudson's Bay Territory - E. M. Holmes (Acorus, Abies balsamea, juniper, Cornus, Alnus, poplar, Sorbus, Kalmia, Ledum, birch, Prunus virginiana)
Brazilian Drugs at the Vienna Exhibition
Martynia and its Humble Servants - Joseph Crawford

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The American Journal of Pharmacy, Vol. 56, 1884, was edited by John M. Maisch.