The American Journal of Pharmacy, 1881.

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Editor: John M. Maisch - Vol. 53, 1881.

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January 1881

Preparation of Syrups by Percolation. - G. H. Chas. Klie.
Extraction of Colchicia from the Seed. - Lemuel I. Morris.
Notes on Patchouli. - J. Ch. Sawer.
Indian Henbane. - W. Dymock.
The Bark of Alstonia Spectabilis. - O. Hesse.
Two Tinctures. (Tinctura Rusci, Tinctura Stillingiae)

February 1881

Oleum Betulae Empyreumaticum and Tinctura Rusci. - John M. Maisch.
Taxus Baccata.
Researches on the Alkaloids of Jaborandi Leaves. - E. Hamack and H. Meyer.
On Waldivin and Cedrin. - Ch. Tanret.
Georgia Bark (Pinckneya pubens). - John M. Maisch.
Varieties. (Oil of Wintergreen in Purulent Cystitis, Hot Water for Sweaty Feet, Fetid Sweating of the Feet, The Movements of Plants, Clover Tea for Cancer, Actinomeris (Verbesina) Helianthoides, Belladonna Jujubes, Mountain Fever, Peptized Milk as Food for Infants and Invalids, Why We Eat Oysters Raw, What is the Natural Food of Man)

March 1881

Practical Notes.
A New Method for the Examination of Coffee. - F. M. Rimmington.
Notes on Cananga Oil, or Ylang-Ylang Oil. - F. A. Flückiger.
The Story of Cinchona Ledgeriana. - C. Ledger.

April 1881

Extract of Butternut. - B. F. Moise.
Gum Savakin. - George Beimann.
The Root of Hydrangea Arborescens. - Jacob Baur.
Quebracho Bark.
Jafferabad Aloes. - E. M. Holmes.

May 1881

Rhus Aromatica, Fragrant Sumach. - Harry Winston Harper.
Notes on the Xanthorrhoea Resins. - John M. Maisch.
On Quebracho Bark. - Ed. Schaer.
Cultivation of Rhubarb in France.

June 1881

Sanguinaria Canadensis. - Frank L. Slocum.
Constituents of Frasera Walteri. - George W. Kennedy.
Poisoning by Anacardium Occidentale. - Henry Fisher.
Gleanings in Materia Medica. - John M. Maisch. (Curare of French Guiana, Curare of British Guiana, New African Arrow Poison, Preparation of Cocaina, Glucoside from Ivy Leaves, Cork Tar, Senega Root, Bulgarian Opium, Adulterated catechu, Testing of Bees' Wax for Adulterations, Factitious saffron)
Practical Notes. - Robert F. Fairthorne. (Hydro-alcoholic Tinctures, Mending Broken Glassware)

July 1881

False and True Senega. - Geo. Goebel.
Gleanings in Materia Medica. - John M. Maisch. (Myroxylon peruiferum, Erythrina corallodendron, Poisonous Staranise, Thalictrum macrocarpum, Lawsonia alba, Commercial Patchouli leaves, False Jaborandi)
Commercial Vanilla.
The Alkaloid from Piturie. - Prof. Liversidge.
Rose Oil, or Otto of Roses. - Charles G. Warnford Lock.

August 1881

False Senega. - John M. Maisch.
Aspidium Rigidum. - William J. Bowman.
The Botanical Relations of Illicium Religiosum, Sieb., Illicium Anisatum, Lour. - J. F. Eykman.
Varieties. (Tupelo Tents for Dilating the Uterus, Slippery Elm Root Dilators, An Exhilarating Mixture, Some Recently Discovered Medicinal Plants (Hieracium venosum, Euphorbia villosa, Convallaria majalis), Advance in Therapeutics in 1880, Psyllium Seed in Constipation, Juglans nigra in Diphtheria, Jamaica Dogwood.)
Editorial Department. - John M. Maisch. (The Next Annual Meeting)

September 1881

Asclepias Cornuti, Decaisne. - Walter Lippincott Hinchman.
Gleanings in Materia Medica. - John M. Maisch. (Japanese and Chinese Aconite Tubers, Lonchocarpus Peckolti, Botanical Sources of Tonga, Zygadenus paniculatus, Arachis hypogaea, Euphoria litchi, Mulberry bark, Eupatorium Ayapana, Liatris odoratissima, Preservation of Hops, Castor, Varieties of Amber, Naphthol)
The Growth of Crocus Sativus, the Source of Hay Saffron, in Kashmir. - Dr. Downes.
Varieties (How milk should be taken, Forest culture, Wintergreen as an antiseptic, Oil of Cajeput in Eczema, Chaulmoogra and Gurjun oil in leprosy, Kava kava in gonorrhoea, Eucalyptus in chronic diseases of the stomach, Poultice of Jaborandi, Papain for Taenia,
Apocynum cannabinum in Anasarca, Dessicated ox blood and hemoglobin, Sugar of milk as a laxative, Action of conine)

October 1881

The Senega of Commerce. - J. U. and C. G. Lloyd.
Silphium Laciniatum, Lin., Rosin Weed. - Lemuel Iorwerth Morris.
Parthenium Integrifolium, Lin. - Frank B. Meyer.
Ustilago Maydis, Lév., Cornsmut. - John H. Hahn.

November 1881

Examination of Ericaceous Plants. - Edward N. Smith.
The Roots of Apocynum Androsaemifolium and Apoc. Cannabinum. - Edward Adolphus Manheimer.
Pharmaceutical Notes. - Robert F. Fairthorne. (Unguentum Aquae Rosae, Syrups for Soda Water (Orange and Lemon))
Varieties. (Lemon juice in diphtheria, Cannabis indica in migraine, A new antiseptic, Skunk perfume as an anaesthetic, Convallaria majalis)

December 1881

Note on the Early History of Canada Balsam. - Prof. Flückiger.
Rubus Villosus. - Chester Johnson.
On Phytolaccae Radix. - William F. Pape.
Phytolaccae Baccae. - Walter Cramer.
The Constituents of Iris Versicolor. - Wm. E. Jenks., D. W. Cressler.
Practical Notes. - Hans M. Wilder. (Syrups, Milk)
Chelidonium Majus, Lin. - Chas. O. Thiekaud.
Compound Syrup of Sarsaparilla made without the use of Alcohol. - Robert F. Fairthorne.
Varieties. (Viburnum opulus, The sustentative properties of Coca, Bullfrog ointment)

The American Journal of Pharmacy, Vol. 53, 1881, was edited by John M. Maisch.