The American Journal of Pharmacy, 1887.

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Editor: John M. Maisch - Vol. 59, 1887.

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January 1887

Some Plants of Afghanistan, and their Medicinal Products. - I. E. Aitchison. (Ferula foetida; Dorema ammoniacum; Ferula galbaniflua; Ferula suaveolens; Trachydium Lehmanii; Psammogeton setifolium; Glycyrrhiza glabra; Astragalus heratensis; Rheum sp.; Orchis laxiflora; Microrhynchus spinosus; Delphinium Zalil; Papaver somniferum; Merendera persica)
Notes on a Sample of Galbanum from Ferula Galbaniflua. - E. G. Baker.
The Otto of Rose Industry.

February 1885

Note on Tincture of Strophanthus. - W. Martindale.
Pharmacy in India. - John A. Falck.
Chemical Notes. (Bryony root; Myrrh; Damiana)
Gleanings in Materia Medica. (Wisteria chinensis; Spiraea filipendula; Boldoglucin; Action of caffeine and theine; Orthosiphon stamineus)
Varieties. (Agaricus albus; Quinine rash; Charcoal and camphor in ulcers)
Reviews and Bibliographical Notices. (Millspaugh's American Medical Plants)

March 1885

Analysis of Hydrangea Arborescens. - C. S. Bondurant.
Gleanings in Materia Medica. (Aesculus hippocastanum; Robinia pseudacacia poisoning; Caffeine diuretic; Eupatorium ayapana; Eupatorium villosum; Adulterations of saffron)

April 1885

Bitter Aloes: A Confession of Bewilderment. - J. F. Brown.
Pharmaceutical Colleges and Associations. (Examinations: Botany and Materia Medica; Theory and Practice of Pharmacy; Chemistry; Questions by the Committee; Specimens; Materia Medica and Botany; Theory and Practice of Pharmacy)

May 1885

Extractum Pruni Virginianae Fluidum. - Cyrus M. Boger.
Some Constituents of Yerba Santa. - R. Rother.
Constituents of Some American Plants. (Mitchella repens; Eupatorium perfoliatum; Leptandra virginica; Catalpa bignonioides; Ilex opaca; Gymnocladus canadensis)
Gleanings in Materia Medica. (Asparagin; Euphorbia Drummondi; Euphorbia helioscopia; Euphorbia Peplis; Olea fragrans; Rubus chamaemorus; Cassia alata; Heuchera and Mitella)

June 1885

Essential Oil Papers. - Albert M. Todd. (Oils of Erigeron and Erechthites)
Notes on a Few Drugs. - G. M. Beringer. (Oil of erigeron; Oil of peppermint; Oil of bay; Popp's stomach powders; Ground flaxseed; Job's tears)
Syrup of Tolu. - W. H. Hostelley.
Abstracts from the French Journals. (Danger in santonin; Eschscholtzia)

July 1885

Irish Moss as a Substitute for Gum Acacia in Pharmacy. - Peter Boa.
Pharmaceutical Notes. (Scutellaria FE; Witchhazel water; Myrrh; Rhus glabra)
Analysis of the Leaves of Tussilago Farfara. - Charles S. Bondurant.
Gleanings in Materia Medica. (Digitalin; Cannabis; Solanine in potatoes; Jalapin; Jalap resin; Valeriana Hardwickii; Butea frondosa; Ulexine; Asclepias and Vincetoxicum; Mutisia)
Abstracts from the French Journals. (Anemone pulsatilla)

August 1885

The Distribution of Safrol. - Prof. Flückiger.
Investigations on Strophanthus. - J. M. Maisch.
Abstracts from the French Journals. (Lamium Album)

September 1885

Some Remarks on Grape Culture. - Henry Snyder Mauger.
Abstracts from the French Journals. (Radix hellebori viridis; Peganum harmala; solanine)
Gleanings in Materia Medica. (Ustilagine; Drosera whittakeri; Heritiera littoralis; Cali nuts; Acacia delibrata; Aristolochia cymbifera; Cryptocarya australis; Daphnandra repandula)
Mexican Lign Aloes. - E. M. Holmes.

October 1885

Proteids of Seeds of Abrus Precatorius. - Sidney Martin.
Kefir, a New Koumiss.
British Pharmaceutical Conference. (Catha; Ipecac; Mackay bean; Vesicating beetles; Rhubarb; Evodia; Camphor oil; Cubeb; Logwood; Cinchona)
American Pharmaceutical Association - 39th annual meeting. (Vanillin and Vanilla; Licorice FE; Irish moss; Cod-liver oil; Pharmacist vs. manufacturer; Medicines)

November 1885

Analysis of a Cure for Cancer. - Frank H. Moerk, J. M. Maisch, H. Pursell.
Cascara Sagrada. - E. R. Squibb.

December 1885

Chinese Drug Stores in America. - Stewart Culin.
Extractum Lappae Fluidum. - Edwin C. Lesher.
Abstracts from the French Journals. (Thuja occidentalis; Myrobalanus)

The American Journal of Pharmacy, Vol. 59, 1887, was edited by John M. Maisch.