The American Journal of Pharmacy, 1895.

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Editor: Henry Trimble. Vol. LXVII, 1895.

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January 1895

Some further observations on the structure of Sanguinaria canadensis. - Edson S. Bastin.
A review of gaultherin, the glucoside from Betula lenta, L. - By Frank X. Moerk.
The Florida sponge industry. - William B. Burk.
The Kola Nut.
The Apocynaceae in Materia Medica. (Strophanthus kombé, Strophanthus paroissei, woolly Strophanthus of Zambesi, glabrous Strophanthus of Gaboon, Strophanthus divaricatus, Anderjow seeds.) - George M. Beringer.
Editorial. (John M. Maisch).
Reviews and bibliographical notices. (Les Drogues Simples D'Origine Végétale).

February 1895

Friedrich August Flückiger. - Fr. Hoffmann.
The cultivation of Licorice root in the United States. - Henry N. Rittenhouse.
Structure of Iris. - Edson S. Bastin.
Pharmaceutical Notes. (Vinegar of Squill). - F. W. Haussmann.
Notes on some Saps and Secretions used in Pharmacy. (Abies; Indian gums: Acacia catechu; Aloe, Anacardium occidentale, Anogeissus latifolia, Balsamodendron species, Boswellia.) - P. L. Simmonds.
The Apocynaceae in Materia Medica. (Anderjow seeds cont'd., Fruits with a fleshy pericarp: Thevetia, Tanghin.) - George M. Beringer.
Reviews and Bibliographical Notices. (A Manual of Organic Materia Medica and Pharmacognosy, by Lucius E. Sayre).

March 1895

Structure of Cimicifuga. - Edson S. Bastin.
Notes on some Saps and Secretions used in Pharmacy. (Butea frondosa, Camphora, Canarium, Carica papaya, Cedrus deodara, Cistus creticus, Labdanum, Cochlospermum, Commia, Copaifera lansdorffii, Dichopsis gutta, Dipterocarpus, Dorema ammoniacum, Dracaena, Eperua, Eucalyptys rostrata, Euphorbia officinarum, Feronium elephantum, Ficus elastica, Fraxinus (Manna).) - P. L. Simmonds.
The Apocynaceae in Materia Medica. (Conclusion: Tanghin cont'd., Cerbera manghas, Cerbera odallam; Barks: Nerium oleander, Thevetia neriifolia, Barks of the Plumerias, Quebracho, Pao pereira, Ochrosia borbonica, Holarrhena africana, Conessi bark, Dita bark, Alstonia constricta; Roots and Rhizomes: Apocynym cannabinum, Apocynum Androsaemifolium, Jalapa, Madagascar Periwinkle, Nerium odorum, Ophioxylon serpentinum; Woods: Stem of the Guachamaca, Quebracho, Ouabaia, Carissa xylopicron; Herbs and leaves: Rose Laurel, Periwinkles, Allamanda Cathartica, Echites suberecta, Aspidosperma quebracho, Geissospermum Vellosii; Caoutchoucs and Guttas.) - George M. Beringer.

April 1895

Structure of Veratrum Viride. - Edson S. Bastin.
Chemical Examination of some commercial varieties of Cacao. - William E. Ridenour.
Australian Sandarach. - J. H. Maiden.

May 1895.

Structure of Epigaea repens. - Edson S. Bastin.
The Production and Uses of Cotton-seed Oil. - P. L. Simmonds.
Notes on some Saps and Secretions used in Pharmacy. (Garcinia, Guaiacum, Humirium, Hymenaea, Icica (tacamahaca, elemi), Elaphrium (elemi), Kino, Lactuca, Laurus, Liquidambar (liquid storax, styrax), Moringa, Musa.) - P. L. Simmonds.
Sweet Cassava. - Harvey W. Wiley.
Examination Questions of the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy.

June 1895.

An Examination of Commercial Fluid Extracts. - Frederick W. Haussmann.
Structure of Sassafras. - Edson S. Bastin.
Notes on some Saps and Secretions used in Pharmacy. (Narthex asafoetida, Opopanax Chironium, Papaver somniferum (opium), Peucedanum Galbaniferum (galbanum).) - P. L. Simmonds.
Sago Cultivation in North Borneo.

July 1895.

Structure of our Hemlock Barks. - Edson S. Bastin.
Coffee or Chicory. - Editorial.

August 1895.

Viburnum prunifolium and Viburnum opulus. - L. E. Sayre.
Balsam Copaiba vs. Gurjun Balsam. - Lyman F. Kebler.
Notes on some Saps and Secretions used in Pharmacy. (Pinus (turpentine), Picea, Pistacia (mastic), Pluchea balsamifera, Plumeria phagadaemia, Populus balsamifera, Mimusops globosa, Prosopis dulcis, Prunus spinosa, Pterocarpus marsupium (kino), Pterocarpus santalinus, Rhus metopium, Saccharum officinarum (sugar), Salix tetrasperma, Styrax benzoin, Bambusa (tabashur), Toluifera balsamum, Toluifera pereirae, Uncaria gambir, Unona narum, Vateria indica, xanthorrhoea.) - P. L. Simmonds.

September 1895.

Structure of our Cherry Barks. - Edson S. Bastin.
Chinquapin (Castanea pumila). - Henry Kraemer.
Examination of Elm Bark, Flaxseed and Mustard for Starch. - J. U. Lloyd.

October 1895.

Siam Gamboge. - (Kew Bulletin).
Siam Benzoin. - (Kew Bulletin).
Notes on Curing Cacao. - W. Cradwick.
Assay of Wild Cherry Bark. - A. B. Stevens, J. N. Judy.
The Future of the Turpentine Industry. - (Garden and Forest).

November 1895.

Eriodictyon Glutinosum. - F. W. Ritter.
Cultivation of the Coco-nut. - (Bulletin of the Botanical Department, Jamaica).
Gambier - Marquis of Ripoti.
Santalum fernandezianum.
Minutes of the Pharmaceutical Meeting. (Eucalyptus, Adulteration of beeswax).

December 1895.

Some Further Observations on Cherry Barks. - Edson S. Bastin.
Notes on the recent Literature of Botany and Materia medica (Vanillas of Commerce, Ipoh Poison, Queensland cherry). - George M. Beringer.
A few remarks concerning the Castor-oil bean.—Ricinus communis, Linn. - D. F. Davenport.
Editorial (Statistics on Peppermint).

The American Journal of Pharmacy, Vol. 67, 1895, was edited by Henry Trimble.