Ellingwood's Therapeutist, 1908.

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Editor: Finley Ellingwood M.D. - Vol. 2, 1908.

Started by Ellingwood in 1907, the Therapeutist, unlike other major Eclectic journals, suffered a bit from hero worship. Ellingwood was a near mythic clinician, particularly in the field of ob/gyn, and it seems that most docs subscribed initially just to read Finley rant and cajol. It wasn't until the middle of the second year that the publication matured into what Ellingwood really wanted - a physician's free-for-all with the Good Doc moderating. In effect, "alt.eclecticmed.moderated".
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January 1908

Leading Articles.
The Tissue Remedies - W. E. Kinnett, M. D.
Cactus Grandiflorus - Finley Ellingwood, M. D.
Interesting Clinics - F. A. Pineles-Montagu, M. D. (Pancreatitis, Leucocythemia, Echinacea in septicaemia, Syphilis in infancy)
Brief Contributed Articles.
Erysipelas Migrans - E. A. Davidson, M.D.
Sodium Hyposulphite in Smallpox - C. B. Dean, M. D.
Uterine Irrigation in Menorrhagia - C. Woodward, M. D.
Lycopodium - F. C. Harrison, M. D.
Injection Anesthesia and Its Critics - G. H. Candler, M. D.
Nasal Catarrh - A. Z. Caple, M. D. (Echinacea, Stillingia)
Average lifetime
Therapeutic Facts - Single Truths from many Doctors and many Truths for each Doctor.
Specific Symptoms (santonin in watery cholera)
Sore Nipples and Mastitis
To Prevent Subinvolution
Passive Hemorrhages (Atropin)
Hamamelis in Hemorrhage
Three Facts (Silybum for varicose veins, Ammonium chloride for poison ivy, zinc oxide for soft corn)
Quinin in Rhus Poisoning
Leucocytosis in Cancer
Nasal Hemorrhage
Misc: Charcoal as an antidote - Writer's cramp - Warts
Gangrene and Echinacea - C. S. Whitford, M. D.
Rubus Odoratus - G. S. Farquhar, M. D.
Heterogenous Prescriptions - H. H. Morgan, M. D.
The Fact
First Principles
A General Eclecticism
Constitutional Symptoms in Surgical Cases
To Prevent Pneumonia (Oil of Turpentine)
Treatment of Alcoholics
An Early Diagnosis
Cactus on the Heart of the Aged
Geranium in Cirrhosis
Epsom Salts as an Anesthetic
Direct remedies (Corydalis, Calendula, Viburnum prunifolium)
Gleanings from the Medical Summary

February 1908

Leading articles.
A Comparison of the Facts involved in Inflammation of the Kidneys - Finley Ellingwood, M. D.
The Visual Inch as an Index to Systemic Conditions - W. W. Walker, A. M., M. D. (eye disorders)
Treatment of Pneumonia - T. Jensen, M. D.
Echinacea - Finley Ellingwood, M.D. (a continuation of his comment to the previous article)
Brief Contributed Articles.
Echinacea in Femoral Abscess - J. Harrison Perry, M. D.
The use of Clay in Digestive Disturbances - C. D. Isenberg, M. D.
Mercury - J. W. Chase, M. D.
Crataegus in Cardiac Asthma - George Osborne, M. D.
Cantharides in the Treatment of Fistula - David Wark, M. D.
Therapeutic Facts. - Single Truths from many Doctors and many Truths for each Doctor.
Iris in Psoriasis
Calcaria Fluorica
Thuja in Dysmenorrhea (and incontinence)
Whooping Cough - Croup
Echinacea in Erysipelas and in Lockjaw
Asthmatic Bronchorrhea (agrimony)
Veratrum in Puerperal Convulsions
Dribbling of Urine (santonin)
Rhus Poisoning (quinin)
Sciatica (apocynum) Sore Nipples (tinct. of benzoin)
Crataegus in Angina Pectoris
Passiflora in Insomnia
Tela Areneae (spider's web for chill)
Boric Acid in Polyuria (diabetes)
Vomiting in Pregnancy (gelsemium; rhubarb and potash)
Increase of Temperature due to Cactus
Prevent a cold (formalin)
Reform Measures in Germany
Constitutional Treatment for Gonorrhea
Misc (ear plug; hernia; ganglia)
Choice Gleanings.
Treatment of Sciatica, by Enteroclysis at High Temperature
Pyometra in Cancer of the Uterus
Calcarea Phosphorica
A Study of Ergot
Diagnosis of Shock
The Real Object
The Effects of Doubt
The Rational Influence of Hot Applications
Suggestions in Pneumonia
A Cancer Symposium
Absence of the Parietal Bone
Syphilitic Throat
Long Waist and Movable Kidney
Mistletoe in Hemorrhage
Vinegar as an Antidote to Carbolic Acid
Cystitis in Infants
Mullein Oil in Deafness
Treatment of Diabetes (cayenne, saw palmetto, grindelia, chimaphila)
Iodin (in oil) Cold to the Spine (reduce fever)
Chronic Rhinitis (ech, thuja, stillingia)
Echinacea for Superficial Gangrene
Gravitation in Septic Peritonitis
The National Association
Misc. (digitalis; location; seasickness)

March 1908

Leading Articles
The Tissue Remedies - W. E. Kinnett, M. D.
Pain as a Factor in Diagnosis - C. C. Thomas, M. D.
Suggestions in the Treatment of Diabetes - Finley Ellingwood, M. D.
A Case of Typhoid Fever - T. E. Smith, M. D.
Misc. (hemorrhoids: collinsonia, hamamelis; ad)
Brief Contributed Articles
Spigelia Marilandica (cholera infantum) Smallpox - D. E. Ruff, M. D.
Therapeutic Notes - B. S. Horne, M. D.
Determining the Cause - Daniel G. Lass, M. D.
Therapeutic Facts for the Puerperal State - J. A. Burnett, M. D.
Populus Tremuloides - John Fearn, M. D.
Therapeutic Facts
Hiccough (tinct of belladonna) Gelsemium (emmenagogue, neuralgia, restlessness, etc.)
Epithelioma; Burns; Dandruff
Nitrous Ether in Rhus Poisoning
Iodine in Malaria
Magnesium Sulphate
Removal of Tape Worm
Cocculus Indicus in Sea Sickness
Rhus. Tox. in Night Terrors (santonin)
A Valuable Diuretic
Injury to the Internal Ear from Gargles
Night Sweats (camphor)
Removal of Warts (magnesium sulphate)
Calendula in Swellings
A Remedy for Asthma (wild celery seed)
Baptisia in Sore Throat
Cholera Morbus
Echinacea Locally
Specific Indications and Specific Treatment of Typhoid
Treatment of the Bubonic Plague
Granulated Wounds Treated with Sunlight
Acute Pancreatitis
Significance of Tubercle Bacilli in the Feces
Conspicuous Incredulity
Blood Pressure
Shrewd Advertising
Vaginal Varicosis (collinsonia, hamamelis)
Assistance in Slow Labors
A New Diagnostic Point in Appendicitis
Hemorrhage into the Conjunctivae
Urinary Irritation (irritable bladder)
Treatment of the Nipples
Olive Oil in Gastric Troubles
Thuja (hemorrhoids)
Some Specific Remedies (Fraxinus americanus, Iris versicolor, Catalpa, Lupulin)
Used in Miscarriage - Just What Was Wanted
Bromide Insurance

April 1908

Leading Articles
The Tissue Remedies - W. E. Kinnett, M. D.
Some Cases of Interest and Value - A. C. Hewett, M. D. (bruised face, charcoal in food poisoning, ech for poison ivy)
Summer Diarrheas of Children - Blanch Bolton, M. D.
Water in Pediatrics - John Fearn, M. D.
Obscure Pathology - G. W. Macy, M. D.
Brief contributed articles
Mangifera; Oenanthe - Percy F. Lisk, M. D.
A Good Place for Chionanthus - John Fearn, M. D. (diabetes)
The Specific and General Action of Iris - F. J. Norton, M. D.
Pneumonia - Horace R. Powell, M. D.
Therapeutic facts
Quick Restoration of Consciousness
Nux Vomica (no bowel control)
Oleum Hedeoma in Mastitis
Hemophilia and Vicarious Menstruation
Specific Sedatives (gelseminine)
Prolapsus Ani - Hydrocele - Subinvolution (thuja)
Prolapsus of the Rectum
Balsam of Peru on Fissured Nipples
Echinacea - Ergot Hypodermically
Echinacea in Gonorrhea
Persistent Vomiting
To Disguise the Taste of Magnesium Sulphate (ginger, cardamom)
Puerperal Convulsions
Stone Bruise
A Dysentery Formula
Tonsillitis - Rigid Os (lobelia)
Chelidonium in Simple Jaundice
Some Notes on Thuja
Mastitis in Childhood
Aconitine Poisoning
Pambotano and Echinacea (septicemia)
Permanent Knowledge
Professional Ignorance
Cactus in Raynaud's Disease
A Precise Study of Indications
Epidemic Conditions and Epidemic Remedies
The Study of a Few Typical Remedies (request for 30 remedies)
Further Suggestions for the Use of Cactus
Independent Thought and Action
Indications for Staphisagria
The Eclectic Medical Journal
Phlegmonous Gastritis
Rumex Crispus
Two Good Suggestions (epsom salts for arthritis)
Direct Practical Suggestions (Specific indications for Chionanthus, Elaterium, Collinsonia, Lobelia, Gelsemium, Plantago, Opium, Morphin, Turpentine, Geranium, Santonin, Hydrastis, Ignatia, Capsella, Viburnum prunifolium)
Illinois Eclectic Medical Society, misc other
Eclectic Business
National Eclectic Medical Association
National Association Bulletin for April
For the Cause
Transactions of the National Eclectic Medical Association for 1907
A New Eclectic Journal

May 1908

Leading articles
Injuries of the Ear Drum - W. S. Carter, M. D.
Papaw - Finley Ellingwood, M. D.
Phosphorus Depravation - C. M. Thompson, M. D.
Some Items about Fluids Before and after Meals - C. D. R. Kirk, M. D.
Some Unusual Remedies (cynara, phyllocactus, symphoricarpus, black noble palm, jatropha, cladonia, cradina, coronilla, blatta, celery, baccharis, calliandra, aristolochia, silybum)
Children's Disorders - F. A. Pineles-Montagu, M. D.
Brief Contributed Articles
Dioscorea in the Prevention of Abortion - John Cupell, M. D.
Arctium Lappa (Burdock) - John Fearn, M. D.
Carcinoma of the Cervix Uteri - M. Kirby, M. D. (thuja)
Uterovaginal Catarrh - C. E. Brandenburg, M. D.
A Case of Diabetes - N. M. Dewees, M. D.
Hemorrhoids - Menorrhagia - Gustave E. Henschen, M. D.
Varicose Ulcers - A. L. Clark, A. M., M. D.
To Secure Immunity from Crime
Request for Cure for Epilepsy
Therapeutic Facts
Suggestions for Facts
Spider Poisoning
Strychnin Poisoning
Baptisia During Labor
Chronic Cystitis (cantharides)
Typhoid Fever (gelsemium)
Several Good Suggestions
Diabetes Mellitus
Croup (comp. liniment of stillingia)
Sprains (tinc. of camphor)
Bronchial Coughs
Prostatic Hypertrophy (request for remedies)
Treatment of Cancer
The Passing of Therapeutic Nihilism
Against the Germ Theory
Emergency remedies
Gastric Ulcer (geranium, hydrastis)
Some Straight Suggestions (smallpox pitting, spermatorrhea, ringworm, chronic albuminuria, lumbago, diarrhea, uterine disease, carcinoma, palpitation, biliary colic, locomotor ataxia, varicose ulcers, chorea, cough, pain from uterine cancers)
Piscidia Erythrina
Electricity in Catarrh
Delirium Tremens
Care in Bright's Disease
Arsenite of Copper
Rice as a Food
The Ethereal Tincture of the Perchloride of Iron (bright's disease)
Apocynum and Exophthalmic Goitre (and irregular or too frequent menses)
Miscellaneous Items
Headache from Local Disorders
Formaldehyde in Alopecia Areata
Hemorrhage in Bright's Disease
Pathology of Diabetes
Help for Alopecia?
Items, Specific
The National Eclectic Medical Association
Kidney diseases and Albuminuria
Impotent Criticism
Important Notice, Adrenalin in hemorrhages, Illinois meeting

June 1908

Leading articles
Influenza: Complications of the Nervous System, with Treatment - William G. Stearns, M. D.
Phlebitis - Finley Ellingwood, M. D.
Puerperal Eclampsia - H. S. Lowrance, M. D.
Relapsing Typhoid - C. Weston Edwards, M. D.
A Classification of Bright's Disease
The Dual Action of Drugs
Suggestions and Criticisms
Bright's Disease
Solar Dermatitis
Turpentine in Hepatic Disorders
Alcohol in Carbolic Acid Poisoning
Suggestions in the Cultivation of Timber
Therapeutic Facts
Urinary Irritation; Chordee
Facial Neuralgia; Chordee
Leonurus as a Heart Tonic
An Improvised Plastic Dressing: Oleum Ricini et Bolus Alba
Cold Feet
Tibial Ulcers
A Case for Diagnosis and Treatment
Treatment of Wounds
Choice Gleanings
Successful Treatment of Gallstones Without Resort to Surgery
Hemorrhage from Varicose Veins of the Vagina in Pregnancy
More About the Single Remedy
The Eclectic Materia Medica
Cold as a Cause of Disease
Bier's Artificial Hyperemia as a Cure for Local Inflammation
Straight Shots from the Illinois Meeting (injected lobelia; saw palmetto; ...)
Dry Cupping
Progressive Muscular Atrophy
Delayed Labor
Book Reviews
Post-Operative Care of Mammary Cancer
Examinations in Materia Medica
Macrotys in Chorea (Cimicifuga racemosa)
Proof of the Unmistakable Non Identity and the Comparative Potency of Hyoscine and Scopolamine
The Illinois State Eclectic Medical Society
Ohio Eclectic Medical Society
National Eclectic Medical Association
National Association Bulletin for June
Good Faith with the Medical Profession
A comparison of the well known forms of Kidney Disease (chart)

July 1908

Leading Articles
The Medical Treatment of Cancer - S. F. March
The New Anesthetic - W. C. Abbott (hyoscine, morphine and cactin)
A Cure for Tetanus - F. B. Matthew
Is Verbenin a Cure for Epilepsy - J. M. French
Cannabis Indica - C. P. Hockett
Aconite; Gonorrhea - J. W. R. Kirk
Chorea - N. M. Dewees
Occipital Headache - J. W. Chace
The History of a Student in an Osler College - Dr. Lochead
A Cause for Tonsillitis and Rheumatism - A. S. Thompson
A Request for Diagnosis - A. W. Dortch
A Request for Diagnosis - J. C. Dunn
Epilepsy - B. H. Burd
The Coming Work on Special Therapeutics - M. Shadid
Therapeutic Facts
Sedative for Babies
The Use of Sweet Milk in Acute Disease
Eucalyptus in Conjunctivitis
Plantago Major
Ammonium Iodid in Epilepsy
Urinary Incontinence
Trifolium as Brain Food; Lobelia and heart
Indication for Rhus Toxicodendron
Rhus Toxicodendron Poisoning
Typhoid Fever
Carbolic Paste; A Headache Cure
Morphine and Apomorphine Given at the Same Time
Urinary Irritation
Medical Treatment of Appendicitis
The American Medical Editors Association
Prof. Kent O. Foltz, M. D.
A False Idea Concerning Germs
Injections into Lung Cavities
Sleeping Alone
A Cause of Diarrhea
An Efficient Anodyne Compound
Decay of the Osseous Structures During Pregnancy
Alopecia Areata
Strontium Bromide
Fluoroform in Whooping Cough
X-Ray Treatment without Dermatitis
Cold as a Cause for Inflammation
Kidney Infection
Quinine During Pregnancy
Bananas in Diarrhea
Liquids in Heart Disease
The Use of Pessaries
Passive Uterine Hemorrhage
Crataegus in Heart Disorders of the Aged
The Medical Treatment of Appendicitis
The Medical Era's Gastro-Intestinal Editions
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August 1908

Leading Articles
Mitchella Repens as a Parturient - C. E. Quigg
The Single Remedy - W. L. Leister
Headaches - Finley Ellingwood
A Case of Epilepsy - A. G. Vance
Nonsurgical Treatment of Gall Stones - W. E. Kinnett
Hot Oil Enemata - M. S. Wing
The Honey Bee Sting for Rheumatism - W. W. Houser
A Specific Occipital Headache - H. F. Zink
The Indications for Digitalis in Pneumonia - Dr. Glenn
Infantile Diarrhea - Millard Decker
The Uses of Cimicifuga - C. A. West
Therapeutic Facts
Belladonna for Phlebitis
Exophtalmic Goitre; Epistaxis
Trypsin Treatment of Cancer
Formalin in Cancer
Ingrowing Toe Nails
A Sedative Lotion
Lithemic Headache; Urticaria
Prostatic Catarrh
Snake Bite
Medical Treatment of Gall Stones
Quassia for Pin Worms
A Sedative
Epson Salts and Iron in Dropsy
Cupric Arsenite in Diarrhea
Injection Anesthesia in Obstetrics
Prostatic Sexual Perversion
Choice Gleanings
Acute Nephritis
The House Fly
Fibroids in Pregnancy
Dysmenorrhea in Girls
The Exclusion of Fat from the Diet
Cystitis in Women
Electricity for Constipation
Anesthesia, General and Local
High Temperatures with Recovery
Every Man's Duty
A Defense of Therapeutic Methods
The National Meeting
New Study of Lobelia
Facts about Dr. Abbott
Some Good Points Obtained at the National Meeting
Polygonum punctatum
To Satisfy Thirst
Thuja in Enlarged Tonsils
Agrimony in Dysuria
Picric Acid for Burns
The Use of Cathartic Remedies
Suggestions from the Past
Offensive Perspiration, etc.

September 1908

Leading Articles
Vaccinium Myrtillus - C. D. Isenberg
Vincent's Angina - A. E. Gammage
Iris Versicolor in Psoriasis - W. E. Kinnett
Intra-Uterine Medication - J. M. Coleman
Cannabis Indica - J. B. Standlee
Crataegus - H. S. Lowrance
Brief Contributed Articles
Asepsin - J. S. Niederkorn
Chorea - J. M. Wells
Chorea - S. G. Arnold
Tetanus; Relapsing Typhoid - R. G. Cressman
Poliomyelitis - Louis H. Freedman
Chorea - D. H. Arthfrholt
Phytolacca Poisoning - F. H. Williams
Diet in Typhoid Fever - J. J. Pickett
Cold Extremities - Geo. F. Sauter
Lactation During Impregnation
Therapeutic Facts
Echinacea in Infection from Vaccination
Cobwebs of Fancy
Cold Extremities
A Liquid Splint
Chronic Metritis
When to Clean Teeth
Choice Gleanings
Reduction of Temperature in Children
You and I
Superiority in Medicine
Psychotherapy (incl. "straight shots", lots of requests for info)
By Way of Illustration
Change in Microbe Theories
Reckless Eating
Helonias Dioica
Turpentine a Century Ago
Physicians' Temperance League
Treatment of Morphine Addiction
The True Action of Caulophyllum (Blue Cohosh)
Miscellaneous (incl. request for enlarged prostate and eppididymitis remedies)
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October 1908

Leading Articles
Therapeutic Indications in Ophthalmic Practises - Charles H. Francis
Scarlet Fever - S. B. Strong
Phaseolus Vulgaris - Dr. Ramm, transl. C. D. Isenberg (kidney troubles, gout, diabetes)
Gall Stone - a Case - J. A. McDonnell
Quinine - Finley Ellingwood
To Introduce Fluid Foods when the Throat is Obstructed
Brief Contributed Articles
A Specific Indication for Cocculus Indicus - F. C. Haney
Mitchella as a Parturient - Drs. Niederkorn, Grigg, Sauter, Russell and Segraves
Recurrent Convulsions - S. M. Henry
A Specific Indication for Baptisia - F. C. Haney
Treatment of Diptheria by White Clay - transl. C. D. Isenberg
Fistulous Abscesses
Therapeutic Facts
Summer Diarrhoea
Hysterical Enuresis
Treatment of a Red Nose
A Chance for an Error in Diagnosis
Thuja and Echinacea in Tonsillitis
Compounds for Saturating Tampons
Belladonna in Whooping Cough
Choice Gleanings
The Indicated Remedy - Viburnum
Formic Acid in Tuberculosis
Acute Enteric Intussusception with Apparent Reduction by Irrigation
A Journal of Therapeutic Advancement
Synthetic Monstrosities
The Treatment of Uterine Displacements
The Bromides Specifically Applied
An Excellent Formula When Indicated (Cystitis)
Hydrobromic Acid in Fevers
Sulphurous Acid in Exudative Disorders
Cascara Amarga in Syphilis
Coto Bark
Some Good Things About Capsicum
The Psychic Element in Practice

November 1908

Leading Articles
Calendula Officinalis - R. D. Homsher
Treatment of Pelvic Infections - J. C. Mitchell
The Specific Treatment of Epilepsy - Drs. Thomas, Ross, Reid, Best, Watkins, Fish, Matthew and Gemmill
Case Notes on H. M. C. - C. W. Hunt
Preparatory Treatment During Pregnancy - J. C. Andrews
Brief Contributed Articles
Treatment of Sydenham's Chorea - John W. Knox
Straight Shots - I. V. Cole (Hamamelis in hemorrhoids; cactus in angina pectoris; chionanthus in diabetes; staphisagria in urethritis, gleet; trapped dick)
That "Crow" Cough - M. F. Bettencourt (bryonia and sanguinaria in dry cough)
Practical Pointers - Lous H. Freedman (echinacea in tetanus; thuja in throat troubles; iris in psoriasis)
Muscular Stiffness; Headaches - Lena R. Whitford
Ascites Prolonged for 40 Years - George E. Miller
Dioscorea Villosa - John Fearn
Cocaine in Gastralgia and Sciatica - A. C. Hewett
Diseases of the Foot: Corns - F. P. Davis
Some Safe Suggestions - N. M. Cook (collinsonia+eupat.purp. in cystitis; hamamelis in hemorrhoids; cactus in angina pectoris; vib.op. in painful menses; gelsemium in convulsions; turpentine in kidney ache)
Epidemic Conditions - M. Shadid
Therapeutic Facts
Mitchella to Prevent Abortion
Macrotys in Chorea
Lobelia as a Partus Accelerator
A Physiological Fact
Thuja in Chronic Enlargement of the Tonsils
An Antipyretic Formula
Trifolium; Lobelia
Belladonna for Hernia
Stiff Joints
A Formula for Stomatitis
Queries (cimicifuga in afterpains; diuretics)
A Toothache Remedy
Lobelia Inflata in Angina Pectoris
Lobelia Hypodermically
Cardiac Tonic (cactina pillets)
More and More
Coming into Line
Appendicitis or Censure
Treat the Indications
Representative Remedies
Headaches of Nasal Origin
A Peculiar Effect of Potassum Iodide
Precocious Maturity
Oatmeal in Diabetes Melletus
The Youths Companion
A Good Location for a Sanitarium
A Work on Functional Nerve Diseases

December 1908

X-mas greeting
Leading Articles
Acute Cystitis - Finley Ellingwood
Treatment of Syphilis without Mercury - Drs. Bloyer, Farnum, Boskowitz, Russell, Whitford, E. H. King, Mundy, Kinnett, Munn, Hauss, and Baker
The Treatment of Septicemia after Confinement - F. J. Longfield
Treatment of Epilepsy - Bishop McMillen
Phaseolus Nana - A. M. Cushing
Brief Contributed Articles
Did Cactus Cure - Arthur V. Lyon
Echinacea - E. A. North
Chorea - H. L. Henderson
A Few Practical Suggestions - Pineles-Montagu
Heart Disorders after Paralysis - P. J. Stouffer
Nasal, Bronchial and Lung Troubles - J. L. Wolfe
Clinical Facts - M. Shadid (incontinence, palpitation, vomiting, tinea versicolor, constipation, head lice, herpes zoster)
Squamous Eczema - Lucian N. Yost
Pleuritis - Pineles-Montagu
Therapeutic Facts
Arnica after Confinement
Treatment for Erythema Multiform
Chorea; The Cough of Measles
Congestive Chill
Supra Orbital Headache
Aesculus, Collinsonia and Hamamelis: Hemorrhoids.
Tetanus, A Case
A Sore Nose
Antiseptic Dressing
Trifacial Neuralgia; Hot Flashes
A Peculiar Tongue
Practical Suggestions
Potassium Bichromate
An Effervescing Formula
Class of '93
Sigmoid Pain
Aconite Homeopathically Considered
For Our Success
As They Are Advancing
Clinical Study and Laboratory Methods
Echinacea in Impetigo
Passiflora in the Sleeplessness of Tuberculosis
Podophyllum in Bilious Headaches
Oil of Wintergreen
Boneset for Hiccough
Therapeutic Philosophy from Dr. Jos. R. Hawley
Massage of the Prostate
Write Specifically
Chloroform in Sunstroke

Ellingwood's Therapeutist, Vol. 2, 1908, was edited by Finley Ellingwood M.D.