Lehrbuch der Biologischen Heilmittel, Madaus, 1938.

This book is also available here: Band 1 - Band 2 - Band 3 - Registerband.
I haven't found it elsewhere.

In places, this set of botanical monographs is extremely useful: it's almost modern, and it's European. (An important point, for us Europeans.)

In other places, it's extremely frustrating: Madaus doesn't tell you which of his recommendations are homeopathic and which are herbal, and under "usual dose" he far too often mentions only his own - proprietary - "Teep" preparations ... I expect that this is similar to the "specific medicines" of the Lloyd brothers.

It should be usable, so I fixed the formatting and posted it here. If the original site restores its files to what they should be (working links to site-internal images, working css file, etc.), this will disappear off my site. However, I'm getting the books (it's a set of three), and might just rescan the lot, to put up here again. And I will add the missing images, figures, tables, and bits of text - in due time.

Auf Deutsch: Madaus war ein Homeopath-Heilkräuterdoktor: bitte lesen Sie den Text sorgfältig. Ein grosser Teil der Anwendungen sind Homeopathisch, nicht Kräuterbasiert.

Lehrbuch der Biologischen Heilmittel, 1938, was written by Dr. Med. Gerhard Madaus.